February 11th, 2015

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Green Room - Week 37 - Day 2

While we are recovering from the double shock of Jon Stewart leaving the Daily Show and Charles Manson calling off his wedding, it's important to stop and reflect on what we still have:

We have a deadline: http://therealljidol.livejournal.com/836302.html

We have Quick Fire entries to read: http://therealljidol.livejournal.com/836597.html
(Although half of the field skipped it this week, guaranteeing that they would not be safe going into the vote for topics that people say they struggle with!) and a decision that will be reached this evening.

We also have a Love Thread.


Because we are at the Top 10 and I've been sensing that maybe it's time for another one - a chance for people to say nice things about the 10 remaining contestants and have some good will going into the last bit of slamming your heads into a wall! :)

I'll create threads for the remaining 10, and you comment on them! :)
idol 9

Results - Quick Fire - Week 37

Only 5 of the remaining 10 contestants submitted for the Quick Fire this week.

I'm hoping that everyone else was just saving themselves up for the main event!

Putting something out in 24-hours isn't always easy, so those who were able to do it - definitely thumbs up to you.

The Judging this week wasn't easy. People did have strong opinions on the pieces - but looking at the ballots, there were a couple folks at or near the top of one who were at the bottom of another! Which again, to me means I picked the right group of people to be Judges!

This week is certainly a fun group.

They were:

Dominica Malcolm is a writer/editor at Solarwyrm Press, co-founded by Jax Goss, whom she met through LJ Idol. At Solarwyrm, she has published a speculative fiction novel, Adrift Press, which had it's beginnings in LJ Idol, and Amok: An Anthology of Asia-Pacific Speculative Fiction. She will soon be publishing a second anthology, Marked by Scorn: An Anthology Featuring Non-Traditional Relationships (which is still open for submissions until Feb 15th, if anyone has something to submit - visit http://solarwyrm.com/2014/07/10/call-for-submissions-marked-by-scorn/ for details), and will also soon be published in an anthology about polyamorous families.

When she's not writing or publishing, she can usually be found in the San Francisco Bay Area, frequently watching stand-up comedy, or watching, performing, or developing her skills in improv. For more information, check out her website/blog at http://dominica.malcolm.id.au "

rejeneration - If you track the history of the success of fiction through LJ Idol history, you are going to come across a few names. Before you will hit a dead stop. There will be others that have done it, but only a few that did it well enough to literally change the dynamic of the conversation about the role of fiction in Idol.

This is one of those names. An argument could be made that it's *the* name that changed things and set up the "next stage" of development that came during Season 5.

We've never met face to face, but she is definitely someone that I consider a friend and a major supporter of Idol over the years. You (briefly) got to meet her this season when she attempted to use Facebook to play. Why? Because she wanted to test the limits and break new ground. Because that is who she is and what she does.

Another person that I am proud to call my friend is Kerry Hiatt She didn't give me much of a bio though, so I stole it from LinkedIn. :)

"I’m a freelance journalist, author, copywriter and editor based in London who occasionally dabbles in writing for TV and radio. Magazines and newspapers I’ve written for include The Guardian, The Daily Mail, The Daily Express, The Independent, Psychologies and Time Out. I was a staff writer for a leading travel trade publication for two years and now specialise in travel; however, write extensively on dating lifestyle, relationships, food and careers.

I also work for publishing companies and independent authors on a freelance basis providing editing and book publicity services."

(She's no longer based in London. But the rest of it is still accurate. In addition: she currently works as a reader for a London-based literary agent. The *day I asked her to be a Judge* she had just finished running "a live critique event with a literary agent to offer advice on how to how to improve query letters". AKA I caught her at the right time - and she's definitely someone you want reading your stuff! :D)

The final Judge is *also* someone that you want reading your stuff. If you are on Livejournal, he's pretty much everywhere. How big of a deal is he? He's one of *the* central figures of the ONTD empire and his user name is his actual first name: brenden! (not to mention the fancy livejournalinc.com email address! :D)

He is literally one of the people who keeps this site we love going.

Seriously, I'm extremely flattered that he agreed to be a Judge this round.

Actually, I'm flattered to have gotten all of them!

Now I've introduced them, it's time to announce their decision. It was another close one. But I've checked it several different ways, and it's still the same winner, regardless of what method I was going to use. So I guess that means it's the right answer. ;)

The Winner of this week's Quick Fire - and immunity for Week 37 is lrig_rorrim! Congratulations!