February 9th, 2015

idol 9

Green Room - Week 36 - Day 7

I could talk about the mid-season premiere of the Walking Dead. Or the premier of Better Call Saul.

Or even that it's only a couple weeks until the new season of Survivor begins.

But instead, I'll just mention that the BattleBots are coming back! http://www.cnet.com/news/ready-for-a-robot-smackdown-battlebots-returns-to-tv/

Robots battling it out - using their weapons against each other - until only one of them emerges victorious.

Hey - that sounds like our poll!


What special weapons are the various Idolbots using this week?
idol 9

Results - Week 36

With two people leaving us, and one entering - we have reached our Top 10!

(it's only taken a few weeks of floating just above it to get here)

But that also means that two contestants who have been on this amazing journey with us are leaving.

The good news is that they will be joining the Jury, where they will have a say in who receives immunity each week. Hopefully they will also play the Home Game for these last couple of weeks before everyone else says goodbye as well.

Before I get to "who is leaving us", I need to handle the "Who isn't".

Because the Jury once again made the difficult decision of "Who do we want to save?"

This week that person was watching_ships! Congratulations.

This did not impact the poll results, for one of the first times in a few weeks.

Which means that the two leaving us are, without a doubt, fan favorites. (then again, I think everyone left in the competition at this point more than qualifies for that title)

Leaving us this week are:


Thank you to both of you for giving all of those of us who read the entries such enjoyable treats week after week! I hope that will continue in the Home Game!
idol 9

Topic - Week 37

You know these topics very well.

You also knew that you weren't quite done with them.

They first appeared in Week 20. They menaced you again in Week 25. You may have thought you were safe, until you had to do two of them for Week 32!!

That's only four of them accounted for though - and there are 6 topics. :)

So now you need to select another one that you have not yet completed:

Intersubjectivity, Shibusa, Rapture of the Deep, Captcha the Flag, the Bystander Effect, Overwatch

You have until Thursday Feb 12th at 8pm EST to link your entry back to this thread. (and let me know which one you have selected!)

Have fun!
idol 9

Quick Fire - Week 37

Since I'm menacing you with your arch-nemesis of topics this week - I'm going to make it easy on you again and continue to make this

Open Topic

You know the drill.

Write an entry and link it back here by Tuesday, Feb 10th at 9pm EST, the Judges will appear, and select one of you for immunity! I have a feeling you're going to need it! :)

Have fun!