January 15th, 2015

idol 9

List of Shame - Week 33

Here we are in Week 33, and there is plenty of shame to go around!

Fortunately, here at alistnamedluna, we have a backlog of shame that is able to be dispensed!

Want to be able to show your face in respectable places again without people whispering "That's the person who waited until last minute to post their LJ Idol entry! SHUN THEM!"

Then post your entry before the deadline (tonight at 8pm EST http://therealljidol.livejournal.com/823231.html )

idol 9

Vote - Week 33

A few words from clauderainsrm:

There are weeks when I put a topic out there and think “this will be interesting”.

Then there are weeks where I look at the schedule months ahead of time and laugh… and laugh… and laugh…

This was one of those weeks. :)

Because I had every bit of faith that whoever was left at this point would be good enough to knock this particular topic out of the park. But I also knew that when people were going “WTF?” earlier in the season, that this was coming.

The topic was “Musth”.

I have a feeling you - the readers - are going to have some fun this week!

Which is why I made the poll “Community Only”. So, if you are not already a member - now is a great time to join!

Come aboard and stay for awhile to support your favorites - and check out ALL of the fantastic writers. Because, let’s face it - there are only 17 of them left at this point. Any excuse of “I couldn’t get to all of them” really sounds a bit silly. ;)

Just go do it!

We are losing TWO contestants (the two with the lowest vote counts) this week - and of course, immunity is going to come into play, so no one should be feeling all the safe!

The poll closes Monday, Jan 19th at 9pm EST and I have a dream that people are going to spread the word that this is the place to come to check out some great writers!

Good luck to everyone!

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