December 15th, 2014

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Green Room - Week 31 - Day 4

The writing has been on the wall for quite some time.

I'm going to lose my job.

At some point.

The lease on the space my company is currently in is up in March, and most of what we used to do has been outsourced to other locations and an entirely different system, that we have been trained on, but never received.

So right now, everyone is focused in on March as "when we might not have jobs".

Before that, it was "before Christmas".

Before that, it was "Sept"

And so forth going back the past couple of years, with that sense of "this is it" growing every time, and the personnel shrinking and not being replaced as time moves forward.

COULD it actually happen? Yeah. It really could.

Will it? I honestly don't know. Every bullet has whizzed by for a couple years now, and there is every reason to think that sooner or later, one of them will end up hitting.

So why stay? Because I like it there (most days) and I have hope that although things might not always look the best, there is always a chance to turn things around.

There are other factors involved in the work situation, but let's be honest- this is all just a chance for me to talk about my feelings toward Livejournal.

Over the years I've heard reports of the site's death pretty much every month. How it's not like it was before and how it's pretty much doomed.

All of that may be true.

But it's still here - and you are still here.

I see people on FB posting "I wish I could still post this on Livejournal". Guess what? YOU CAN!

The site isn't an active as it was - and there are a lot of factors involved in that. But there is one of those that all of us have a say in... continuing to use the site and continuing to let other people know that it might not be the newest or shiniest thing out there in the world of social media, but it's still pretty damn awesome.

Another thing you may have doubts about is your survival during the final vote of 2014. That's getting ahead of yourself. First thing you need to do is make sure you get your entry in! or the Home Game/Killing Floor for those who are not current contestants:

The deadline is MONDAY December 15th AT 8PM EST! That is something you can control, it is something you can make sure happens. There are so many other factors out there where it isn't true. But this, you can!


How was your weekend? What were the factors you were able to control and the one that were subject to "greater forces"?
idol 9

Vote - Week 31

A few words from clauderainsrm:

The Moon Bears have been busy this week.

Our contestants have gone through the gauntlet, taking a critical hit to their numbers. Now that they are on the other side though, with the finish line in sight - it turns out the Moon Bears were waiting for them on the other side.

They mauled crackpotpie and took what was left of her body to their secret base inside the nostril of the Sphinx. (although no one knows for sure if it’s at the real one or the one at Vegas that is controlled by the reanimated Elvis)

Because of this, she is no longer with us. But if she ever escapes, I hope that she will find her way to the Home Game and to enjoy being part of the Jury!

Soon the Moon Bears may come for us all. Well, all of you at least.

One of you may be lucky enough to get away though. It’s just a matter of figuring out which one!

The past couple of weeks have had twists on who can vote.

This week does not.

It’s an Open Poll - so anyone with an account is allowed to cast a vote - so I hope you encourage people to check out what is going on here! There aren’t many folks left, so people definitely “have the time” to read them all - and it’s guaranteed that it will be worth their time, because everyone is pretty damn awesome!

The only twists come in the form of the Jury, who will be giving one person immunity this week. Also those participating in the Home Game/Killing Floor who will be doing the same!

That could end up altering the results quite a bit!

We will be losing the bottom two this week.

So get out there - Read, Comment and Vote for your favorites!

The poll closes Thursday, Dec 18th at 9pm EST

Good luck to you all!

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