December 10th, 2014

idol 9

Green Room - Week 30 - Day 8

Some days, it just takes one comment for everything to dovetail right into each other, and make a lot of things snap into place mentally for you.

In this case, it was one from yesterday where someone doubted their own qualifications to offer concrit over at the Killing Floor:

The responses to it were great - but I just want to add one of my own: You are here because you love to write, as well as read. As someone who does both - you have something to offer.

Maybe it won't be the "This sentence would work better if you did X to it" or "drop this section". But you can say "This part didn't quite work for me" and offer insights into why you felt that way.

You have something to offer.


Which brought me back to all of the times over the years (from pre-Idol right up to earlier this season) when there has been someone overly critical of the work of others. It's easy to tear things down. It's much more difficult to see the potential in something that's not quite there, and figure out a way to help that person "get it there".

That's a fight I've been involved in all of my life. Trying to get people to understand that they have something to say that's *worth hearing*.

For all of the people over the years who have advocated restricting Idol and who should be allowed to compete, or who was "wasting our time" (something I've definitely heard from some corners) it's the people who have been struggling, but then make a breakthrough, even if it's just a minor one - those are the people that I love seeing, that I love helping.

The Idol process can make good writers even better. Part of that process is seeing people of all sorts of backgrounds and skill levels side by side, working together toward that goal.

Everyone has something to offer.

I believed it then. I believe it now.


Which brought me to thinking back on how many years I ignored the cries "We want Idol merchandise!" and the "Allow us to give you money!!!" because I didn't think I was worth it. There are tons of great causes out there, and people doing good things. I didn't see myself as one of them, despite all of the emails I would get telling me what a "life changing experience" Idol was.

I'm finally at a point in my life that I've decided "What the hell" and am starting to see if there is actually a market for that kind of stuff. (Of course, if I had done it back in Season 3 and 4, I probably could have made a lot more. :D But I wasn't ready for it, and honestly, it would have led to more problems then as well, because of that)

The modifications to the Menu now work - all the links go where they are supposed to go.

The T-shirt is also available:

Of course, I thought of a bunch of ways I could have made it better (and then did a mock up of it, and it would have increased the price of the shirt to about $15 instead of $11) but I'm going to continue with this run. (10 shirts ordered is what is needed to make the run, and we have 4 orders in less than 24 hours) If nothing else, you can say you have a "first run of the Idol shirts". :)

I needed the confidence in myself in order to get to this point. Of course that has a momentary blip whenever I have a "Why do you need money?" response. :D But fortunately, I haven't gotten very much of those... I think it's pretty obvious why anyone "needs money". ;)

As I should - Idol is something that I believe in. Always have. Always will. We are doing great things here.


Which brings me to "What we are doing here" - which is waiting for the Gatekeepers to render their decision.

Some people are going to be really happy. Some are going to be sad.

But everyone who has reached this point - however they got here, should be proud of themselves. You have something to offer, and I hope that, regardless of the outcome, you keep on offering it!