December 8th, 2014

idol 9

Green Room - Week 30 - Day 6

The topic is due today:
along with the Home Game/Killing Floor entry:

So make sure you have those in?

If you haven't - you are on the LIST OF SHAME!!

The Internet says that you can't shame people anymore - but we're doing it anyway!! TAKE YOUR SHAME!!!!


There was a really good idea that came up out of the shame, for people to act as each other's resources: You should definitely check that out and add your own areas of expertise!

Now, I have a surprise for you - because I don't usually go around saying "Go check out this group" - and really, when you do, just make sure you come right back here to hang out again. :)

But if you get the chance, you might want to pop your head over to the LJ group little_details. Consider it "In the spirit of Livejournal harmony" gesture. :) Some of you already know about it. But for those who don't - tell them LJ Idol sent you! :)


What was your biggest accomplishment this weekend?
idol 9

Vote - Week 30

A few words from clauderainsrm:

This week was all about the choices we make: YOU had to choose between picking one of your “Favorite” entries and writing a brand new piece with the topic “Critical Hit”.

Some decided on one route. Others took a different one.

But that’s what is so great about making choices isn’t it? It’s the Choose Your Own Adventure book of life. You make it, and then you just keep going as one choice leads you into the next one.

You made yours.

One of you actually made the choice to sacrifice this week. Which is unfortunate. But I know Real Life has a way of doing that to people.

It’s a shame though, she’s going to miss the fun.

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Good luck to all of you.