December 3rd, 2014

idol 9

Green Room - Week 30 - Day 1

Last night was busy - so it's a good time for a recap:

There were eliminations:
There was a topic, with a twist:
There was a Home Game/Killing Floor:
and a Work Room to rule them all, and in the darkness bind them:

There were also some questions, and since I have the forum right here - and assuming that you are actually paying attention to the Green Room - I'll answer them here. :)

- Do we submit two entries? Yes. One of them is your Favorite entry you have written (so far) this season, and one of them is a new one based on the topic.

- Does it matter which one we submit to the Topic thread and which one we submit to the Home Game/Killing Floor? No. That's entirely your choice.

- Can I just link both of them to one thread? No.

- Can I edit the Favorite piece? It's up to you. If you want to do it, go ahead.

- Does this mean there is twice as much to read? Only if you are admitting that you didn't read their Favorite entries previously. ;) Serious answer: You should probably go back and reread them anyway. Of course, that's still not as many entries to read as there were a few weeks ago.


People have been emailing me asking for how they did in the Contestant Only poll. I have been responding to them. Oddly enough, this time has broken the usual pattern. In previous seasons, I have heard more from the "High" vote getters and got to give them good news. This time it seems to have been turned on it's head. I hate giving the bad news - So someone who has good news coming email me! :)

Cutting and pasting from yesterday's Green Room, because I would love some more input:

Is there anything from any of these designs that you can see that jump out at you as:

Man, that would be useful to have on Idol!

Also - is there anything in general that you have ever thought "Man, I wish we could do that" (from a technical standpoint).

I have the ear of someone who can make it happen. So this is your chance to speak up. :)

Obviously, this isn't a democracy - but pretend that I'm just waiting to hear how bad your ideas are! :P

So far the feedback has been that people like the "Top Commenters" widget and prefer a simpler style.

What are your thoughts on "Tag clouds" and (looking at the Stan Lee one) shifting the links, etc from the left side to the right? (Shifting things to the right seems to be the trend, but it's always kind of bugged me, since it seems to draw your visual attention there instead of what is being said in the most recent post)

The "Featured post" widget could have some merit, if used to highlight Topics and Voting threads. Not sure yet though, which is why I'm soliciting input on this and any other thing you've seen out there that might be "doable" for the site.