December 2nd, 2014

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Green Room - Week 29 - Day 12

Last night, I received one of those emails you always like to picture getting - but never think you will.

It was from Livejournal, telling me how great they think LJ Idol is, and what they are willing to do to help it to grow, and how much they want us to stick around.

I would have felt better if I didn't then ask around to other community moderators that I know and find out that they sent out the same email to a lot of other people. (Not sure if it was everyone, the Top 50/100/500 of communities)

It was like coming into your office to find it decorated and there's a cake - only to realize halfway through thanking people that it's for the *group birthday* of everyone born that month, it's still a really nice thing, and you appreciate it - but for that split second, you thought it was just for you. ;)

It's nice to know thought that Livejournal is planning on getting more proactive and working with their communities. Personally, I wouldn't be disappointed if they wanted to spend a little less time on their ONTD brand and threw some love at people actually *creating original content* on their site. But I'm a little biased. :)


If YOU want to throw a little love at people creating original content on Livejournal - now is the perfect time to do so, in the poll! There is also a Contestant Only vote this week, and a few people who still need to get me their votes. So make sure that your voice is heard!
It's interesting to see the differences between the public voting and the contestant only. There is the potential for some heart-breakers... then again, at this point, isn't *every* option going to break some people's hearts?

There is also the Home Game/Killing Floor: Which, if you have participated in that, with either TWO pieces of constructive criticism, OR submitting one piece to the KF and giving someone else constructive criticism - you are eligible to vote for who will receive immunity this week! And yes, this is open to everyone and even more importantly - Immunity is always important, with a week like this though, with how close some of the votes are, it could be the difference between who stays in, and who will be leaving us this week.

KF eligibility and the getting me your votes cuts off at 7pm EST tonight.
The Contestant Only vote cuts off at 8pm EST tonight.
The public poll is closing at 9pm EST tonight.

Yes, tonight is going to be interesting!

December is starting off with a BANG!
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Results - Week 29

Before I get to anything else - I just want to say "THANK YOU". I'm pretty sure this is the first time that I've ever had the votes counted so quickly, because instead of the contestant only votes coming in during the final hour, you spaced them out! That's very much appreciated.

You also followed *most* of my requests about how to submit them to make the process easier - which, for a group of writers is more than I expected. ;)

With that out of the way, now comes the part that everyone hates - the eliminations.

Given that it was a staggered closing time, that is the order that the eliminations happened in, for those wanting to figure that kind of thing out.

First we have the immunity, given out by those participating in the Home Game/Killing Floor. It was really close, with 16 people receiving votes to keep them safe. Ultimately though, it was decided by *2 votes*. This week immunity was awarded to dmousey.


I would say that it didn't end up being needed, and that would be true, but it *did* impact who else went home. Because we are losing 6 from the Contestant Only vote, because if we went any higher, then the immunity *would have* been played, and we would be losing 11. (and I'd already set the maximum at 10)

There were two sacrifices: icaruslived and n3m3sis43 that counted toward this total, plus 4 others:


Which in turn, meant that they were already gone by the time the poll itself closed - and the next three lowest were eliminated (one of them by a single vote!)


Definitely some favorites in this group - as well as some surprises (at the "midway point" it looked like it was going to be a different list for the contestant only voting!)

Thank you to all of you for coming out this season, it's been a delight to have you.

I hope that we will continue to see you in the Home Game, as well as hanging out in the Green Room to cheer on your favorites, or just to chat! :)
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Topic - Week 30

In honor of Week 30, we are doing something a little different this time around.

You have TWO things to do:

Pick your FAVORITE piece that you have written this season AND Write a brand new entry as inspired by the topic

Critical Hit

Here is where your choice comes in: YOU ONLY LINK ONE OF THOSE ENTRIES HERE. The other one is linked to the Home Game/Killing Floor. It doesn't matter which one. Just make sure to label it when you post.

One of them faces the voters. One of them faces constructive criticism of your peers.

Which one will you decide on?

The deadline to have BOTH entries linked is Monday, Dec 8th at 8pm EST

Have fun!
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Home Game/Killing Floor - Week 30

If you've already read the Topic post, you know what to do here. :)


For those *not currently a contestant in the competition* who want to participate though, you can post anything you like. :) A previously written piece, or one based on the topic "Critical Hit"!

The deadline is the same as the topic Monday, Dec 8th at 8pm EST

Have fun!
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Work Room - Week 30

Decisions, decisions.

Do you go with the old familiar or take the risk writing something new?

How do you decide?

Should you write the new piece and decide what you like better? Should you make the decision right away?

There is definitely strategy involved in the decision, as well as some potential insight to be gained into the remaining competitors. :)

Or maybe not! I guess we will see.


Where is your brain at with the new topic, and what do you think you have to offer it that no one else can?