November 13th, 2014

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Green Room - Week 27 - Day 14

Yesterday, a man-made probe landed on a comet.

A comet.

This was a huge accomplishment for the European Space Agency and their mission to force comets to be bilingual and accept socialized health care.


What huge accomplishment do you want to see next?

What do you want a space agency to land on?

Do you think there will ever be a mission to land on the surface of this week's poll:

If so, what entries would you suggest that these interstellar explorers check out first?
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Results - Week 27

The extra long week is finally done, and we are forced to take a look at what the voter's decided.

If you couldn't tell from the Love Thread that there is a lot of respect for the talent's of everyone in this competition, you certainly could by how close the votes were for the duration of the poll.

It was insanely close at times.

The only one that I *knew* was leaving was rayaso, who sacrificed. The rest were up in the air.

I had planned on saying goodbye to 5, but there is a tie for that last spot, so it looks like next week will have a return of Redemption Tribe for a head-to-head battle!

I can't say we are "only" saying goodbye to 3 more, because there is no "only" when it comes to these people. They are all awesome and have brought more than a few pleasant surprises this season, for me at least. (and again, from the Love Thread I know that I wasn't alone)

Goodbye to

Thank you for coming out this season, it's been a pleasure.

I really hope to see you in the Home Game. (and in the Green Room!)
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Topic - Week 28

You are very special.

Which is why you are here.

Extremely special. Just the most special person in the whole universe. The focal point around all other things rotate.

But that's not why we are here.

You want a new topic?

OK, it's

The Copernican principle

The deadline to link your entry back to this thread is Tuesday, Nove 18th at 8pm EST
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Work Room - Week 28

I'll just go ahead and throw out the definition from Wiki, for the new topic: or at least the first part of it.

Because having a starting point for your thought process can be helpful:

"In physical cosmology, the Copernican principle, named after Nicolaus Copernicus, states that Earth is not in a central, specially favored position in the universe.[1] More recently, the principle has been generalized to the relativistic concept that humans are not privileged observers of the universe.[2] In this sense, it is equivalent to the mediocrity principle, with important implications for the philosophy of science."

"I'll just go ahead and throw out the definition from Wiki..." is a lousy way to grab your attention. My only reason I can get away with it is that I have a bit of a captive audience. ;)

You're not as lucky. You need to grab someone from the first sentence and make them *want* to read more.

What is your favorite "OMG... I need to read more" opening line, and what did you learn from it for crafting your own?