November 2nd, 2014

idol 9

Luna Tribute Entries

Yesterday, I wasn't sure what would have made her the happiest to know that people were doing to remember her in Idol.

Last night, I realized what it was.

No, not writing things about her love for her daughter. Giving Sigrid love and support is an ongoing process, not a one-time special.

So I went with something that she LOVED doing. The one thing in Idol that she did more than *anyone else* and never failed to amuse her.

She would do it - and then send me an email to *make sure* that i had seen it.

She loved to put me in her entries - and then kill me.

If you knew her, you know that I'm not exaggerating. It made her positively gleeful to get back at "the Evil Overlord"!

So there you go - that's your "Special Home Game" for this week:

Kill me in an entry!

(For Luna!)
idol 9

Green Room - Week 27 - Weekend Edition

In the wake of the devastating news about agirlnamedluna

I postponed the deadline until NEXT Monday

I was going to scrap them altogether, but she loved messing with me when it came to deadlines. Canceling one didn't seem to be in her spirit at all.

I did however post a "Special Home Game"/"Luna Tribute" thread with something to keep you occupied and hopefully amused during your extra time.

I used to write special goodbyes to everyone who left. She was the only one who got her own special one (as opposed to being grouped with others) during Season 6

What was your favorite of her entries?