November 1st, 2014

idol 9

Our Friend AGirlNamedLuna

From her sister:

"It is in the deepest sorrow that I address these words to announce the death of my sister Nathalie in the night from Tuesday to Wednesday of an aneurysm or cardiac arrest. Those who want to express their condolences may do so either on site or send us an email on and "

I just found out (then went to confirm). But it does explain her missing the deadline, because this was Luna LITERALLY the only thing that would cause her to miss a deadline was to no longer be with us.

I remember when she came in. She was the first of the non-US contestants, writing in a language that wasn't her native tongue. I was just constantly impressed with her back in Season 3. Eventually, I kind of forgot that... because she was just so good that the idea that she wasn't writing in English all the time just sort of seemed weird.

She had more weeks in Idol than anyone else - having passed 150 with every sign that she would be adding quite a few more.

She was the mother of the very first "Baby Idol", and what Sigrid must be going through right now, I can't begin to imagine.

I'll have more to say later, but I wanted to post something about it - to Idol - before I completely froze and found myself unable to say anything at all about it.

I'm adding a week to the deadline. She was a huge fan and supporter of Idol, and I know how much she enjoyed the process... but I really can't function right now to do anything other than that. Nothing I say is adequate to the task of saying just what she meant to Idol, to me, to all of us...

Rest in peace Nath, Luna, you foreigner-hippie, friend...