October 6th, 2014

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Green Room - Week 23 - Day 6

In the midst of all the bad - something good happened: My belated birthday present!

Cynthia had bought us tickets to the Steelers-Jaguar game in Jacksonville. It was only the second time that I had been to a NFL game, and absolutely loved the experience. (I'll admit, it helped that it was a *win*. :D)

That definitely cheered me up a bit.

Of course, now the weekend is over and the last of those "moments to look forward to" are gone. So we come back to the harsh reality.

Fortunately, I *do* have something to look forward to tonight. I get to eliminate some people! The main competition poll closes at 9pm EDT http://therealljidol.livejournal.com/787328.html

The Last Chance Idol topic deadline/sign-up deadline is ALSO TONIGHT, an hour earlier, at 8pm... http://therealljidol.livejournal.com/787501.html


What cool thing(s) happened to YOU this weekend?
idol 9

Results - Week 23

Greetings from the bottom of the Stuttering Iceberg!

I have no idea what means, other than "people who have been involved in too much therapy" who want to call people who don't immediately hug them "mean-spirited"!

Maybe that person who told me that had a point though, because I'm here to eliminate some folks!

That's part of the job.

Knowing that the deadline for LCI has just passed though, means that it's the first time that I can't say "look for that chance". However, there is still the Home Game - and I hope you folks take advantage of it! (unless you already jumped)

The contestants leaving us today are

(from Redemption)


(from the main poll)

beldarzfixon and ellakite

with two people going into the Redemption tribe for next week! (Seriously, Home Game!)

Congratulations to all of you for making it to this point!
idol 9

Vote - Last Chance Idol, Week 2

A few words from clauderainsrm:

It’s Week 2 of LAST CHANCE IDOL, and the wheels of fate have been spinning non-stop over the last few days, with some people moving into the main poll, some dropping and at least one linking the update page (with no actual entry visible for me to find and link for them)

But now it’s time for the poll to actually occur - and boy are you in for some treats!

The contestants with the 5 highest amount of votes will be giving the opportunity to move up in the main competition. Those with the 3 fewest will be eliminated.

The poll closes Thursday, October 9th at 9pm EDT

Good luck to everyone!

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