September 25th, 2014

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Green Room - Week 22 - Day 7

The topic is due today:

and Last Chance Idol sign-ups are happening now:


Any thoughts on the new season of Survivor or the finale of Big Brother? (I had to watch the last part of it so I could give a certain 11 year old the results because it was on past her weekday bedtime)


My friend's book about asexuality is now available: Well, it's been available for a little bit now. But she was just interviewed in the New York Times so this was as good of a reason as any to promote it here, via the Idol Store!
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Welcome to LJ Idol!

Sign-ups are still going on until the deadline for your first entry, but I figured I'd give you a bit of a head-start to kick things off right!

Here's the drill, for those who don't know it:

I give you a "topic".

You that topic and twist and turn it anyway you see fit to write something awesome.

You post that entry in your own LJ or blog of choice.

You then link that entry to this thread.

Links are the ONLY things you post here. Comments about entries go to the entries themselves. Other remarks go to the Green Rooms.

You post your entries until the deadline. Once that passes, there will be a poll where people will vote on their favorites. I will provide further details when that time comes.

Until then, we are kicking this off with one of the two topics that I will be using from _luaineach as part of our Patreon program! I only promised to use one, but since she is the first to take that option, I'm throwing this one in as a bonus!

Which is why your first topic is:

In the Garden

Your entries need to be linked back here by Tuesday Sept 30th at 8pm

Have fun!
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Vote - Week 22

It's my birthday weekend - and what better way to spend it than by having a contestant only voting!

That's right. If you are a *current contestant* in the main competition (not Last Chance), then you are eligible to send me a list of your favorites (as many as you wish)!

The entries are located at

Also, anyone who signs up for LAST CHANCE IDOL and submits their first entry by the deadline is eligible to vote as well! Which means there has never been a better time to sign up!

Send your votes to

The deadline for me to receive these votes is Monday, Sept 29th at 8pm EDT

We will be losing 5-10 contestants who receive the fewest votes. (the amount depends on where the separation line ends up being). So make sure to get your votes in to keep your favorites in the running!

Unfortunately, missbinary had to drop due to that horrible thing called Real Life (tm) and although I would like to drag her back into Last Chance kicking and screaming, I'm not sure that she will be able to do that due to the same circumstances. :( So thank you for coming out and I hope that you will continue to come out to support your favorites whenever you are able!

As for the rest of you - Good luck!