September 23rd, 2014

idol 9

Last Chance Idol

This is your final chance to jump into the fun that is LJ IDOL SEASON 9!

It's also your last chance to play in a full season. (I know I have a special project that I want to do with Idol, and there is an idea for a mini-season bouncing around - but FULL SEASONS, which is a truly special animal, are a thing of a past as of this one. I'm not even even guaranteeing those other things other than "Right now, I want to do them. No telling how I will feel at the end of this!)

So basically, if you have been sitting around, kicking yourself for not being a part of the fun. OR if you went out early and want another shot at it... here it is.

Last Chance Idol will have it's own topics, it's own deadlines and polls, with it's own time table that will allow some of the participants to join in the main competition, while others are eliminated.

No, there is no guarantee you will make it to the Promised Land - but if you get there, we've had contestants fight their way into the finals before!

This could be YOUR chance!

So just write something in your journal letting the world know that you are signing up for Last Chance Idol and link it back to this thread by Tuesday, Sept 30th at 8pm and we will see what will happen next! (and let me know if you played this season or not - so I can keep track of the numbers!) I'm extending the sign up period to cover until the DEADLINE FOR ENTRIES OF WEEK 2 LCI!
idol 9

Green Room - Week 22 - Day 5

I just posted about Last Chance Idol:
so if you know anyone who has been on the fence, it's time to knock them off of it!

What are they doing just hanging out on a fence anyway? Are you friends with cartoon cats, howling in the alleyway?

YOUR topic is located right over here: and the Work Room is

It's time to let the world know about the wonders of Idol... so fly my pretties, fly!!


Apparently *some of you* aren't actually winged monkeys. Which is a shame. Because winged monkeys are pretty awesome. You are pretty much failing in life by not being one. :(