September 18th, 2014

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Green Room - Week 21 - Day 7

After time to debate the issue, the people of Scotland go to the polls today to make a decision that will impact the future of the country and it's people - who will move forward in LJ Idol:

The poll closes tonight and I really don't see *anyone* who has numbers that I can point to and say "Yeah, they are safe!" or even "yep, the tide has turned and they are leaving us".

It's really up to the people voting today to decide that. So make sure to read, comment and VOTE to keep your favorites in!

If people are looking for a good read this morning and into the afternoon - what entries should they be checking out? Who will you be absolutely devastated if you see me snuff their torch this evening?
idol 9

Results - Week 21

With the fast turn-around, I accidentally left someone in the poll this week. Fortunately, most of you caught it. Unfortunately, it was too late because the poll was already up. So, obviously, I'm not eliminating them twice in a row!

That still leaves us with the task of saying goodbye to some really good people - and talented writers - though. At this point, that could apply to just about anyone.

This week though, it applies to some fantastic veterans and some of the newbies that I've been most excited about seeing grow through the process.

That's how it goes though.

Fortunately, there is another chance right around the corner for them to run the gauntlet to try to get back into the competition. It's not the easiest way, or the surest chance - but it's a chance! ;)

I hope that they take it!

Leaving us this week from the Redemption Tribe are:


and from the main tribe:

and a *8 way tie* for that last spot. Which means all of them will be joining the Redemption Tribe next week, making things a little more interesting!

Thank you to all of you for coming out this season, and I hope we will continue to see you around to see what twists and turns are coming next!
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Topic - Week 22

In LJ idol, it's kill or be killed...

(or maybe you just write entries, but I prefer to think it's kill or be killed!)

There are times when you need to know when to block, and other times when you've got to

Sweep the Leg

The deadline to link your entries back here is Thursday, Sept 25th at 8pm EDT

Have fun!
idol 9

Work Room - Week 22

The new topic is up:

With the numbers in the competition dwindling - that increases the attention that each entry is going to receive. The spotlight is able to hone in tighter and tighter.

Does your strategy for writing change? What have you seen people doing over the last few weeks that you have really liked, and want to try to incorporate into your own practices?

Did anyone end up bouncing ideas off the Intersection partner on a *non*-Intersection week?