September 16th, 2014

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Green Room - Week 21 - Day 5

It's a big day today!

The poll closes at 8pm EDT.

The new topic is due at 8pm EDT

So we will literally be going into one poll as one ends!

That's wall to wall excitement!

Speaking of "wall to wall excitement", I had some of my own! Not going to get into it right now. Going to literally wait to speak to an attorney first. (Oddly enough, I had made a decision earlier in the day where I thought "this will bring me some good karma... and it wasn't even 2 hours later when I received the news of the "exciting new developments". Note to self: Never make the moral decision! The universe doesn't respect it! ;) )

But it's going to be "fun"... emphasis on the quotation marks.

What is the most "fun" you've had lately?
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Results - Week 20

I nearly decided that since Week 20 and 21 were nested, that I should post it all as one big post - the end of one poll and the start of the other. But, that wouldn't be fair.

People worked hard and put out incredible work in Week 20, I know it was difficult for people to reach any sort of decision at all - and the one that was reached is always going to end up hurting when that bandaid is peeled back.

Today we are losing two members of the Redemption Tribe, who definitely went down swinging:

aimercat and ravenshrinkery

We are also losing four from the main tribe.

tjatorra sacrificed this week due to that damnable "Real Life" thing that I keep hearing about. So that means three are coming from the poll itself. They are:

az_starshine and grail76 with a 6-way tie for that final spot, meaning that they will be going to the Redemption Tribe to fight it out.

Thank you to all of you for coming out, and I hope that you will jump back on in the very near future for a shot at getting back into the game, coming very, very soon!
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Vote - Week 21

A few words from clauderainsrm:

The blows didn’t stop with the results. Unfortunately, we had three people bye-out/drop as well.

They are
lawchicky and

I hope that we will be seeing all three of you when that window to fight to get back in opens up!

As for the rest of you, my hope for you is that you have been reading ahead after you got finished with Week 20’s entries, because like everything in life, the universe must restore balance to the force.

We will be losing 2 contestants from the Redemption Tribe and 4 from the main tribe and that blow will be coming soon.

The poll closes on Thursday, Sept 18th at 9pm EDT

So get to reading!!

Good luck to everyone!

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