August 15th, 2014

idol 9

Green Room - Week 18 - Day 1

It's kithan's birthday!

So bring all of your Pepsi, Cheetos, and bacon to the middle of the room and back away slowly. Maybe you won't end up getting hurt in her onslaught.


Speaking of oncoming onslaughts and the past being revisited - it occurred to me that we are approaching the 6 month mark for this season. What does that mean for Idol?

When I'm being nice, I refer to certain periods of the competition as "stress points". When I'm not - I think of them more as "Holy Grap! People are unstable!!!" points.

A couple weeks to either side of 6 months is one of those points where you tend to either see someone completely implode - or in some cases - explode.

I'm pointing this out in hopes that we can work together to *not* have that happen here this time around. (or at 8 months, another stress point)

If you are ready to implode, stop for a moment and talk to someone about it.

If you are ready to *explode* - take it out on the street. Just find some random person and beat them with a baseball bat. Trust me, you will feel much better after! :) I know a guy named Darren Wilson. Maybe go see him!

(Not the police officer from Ferguson, just a guy who happens to have that name. You'll have an excuse!)


Last night, there were eliminations:
A topic:
A Work Room:
and this morning, for the constructive criticism inclined, a Killing Floor: