August 7th, 2014

idol 9

Green Room - Week 16 - Day 7

I just spoke to some friends at the CDC in Atlanta, and they let me know that they were looking for a place to house a couple unexpected guests.

So I volunteered Idol.

I'm sure these are really nice people, and that you will get along great! So feel free to mingle. Make out. Maybe do a blood transfusion or two with them. Whatever it takes!

Everything is fine. I'm sure that everything will be fine.

I'll just be over here, with the poll, reading to cross out a few more names!


Speaking of - there is a poll going on right now: and it closes tonight, so make sure to get out there and keep your favorites in the running!


That said, I'm going back into the depths of my project... oh, I mean *working*... yep, totally working right now. :)
idol 9

Results - Week 16

Here we are, in the first elimination on this side of the Top 100.

Before we got started, there was a sacrifice announced - elledanger.

Which means there are three more people set to be eliminated.

However, there was a second sacrifice that ended up happening - alephz.

Which left us with two people going home.

Based on the votes, one of those two would have been deidrewilliams, however, part of her coming back into the game this week granted her an one week immunity. Which means that she is safe from the vote.

Which means that
esteletheque and hipsterthulhu

are going home this week.

Thank you to all four of you. It was fantastic to have you here, and I really hope that you consider Home Gaming it, and perhaps coming back when Second Chance opens up later in the game!
idol 9

Topic - Week 17

"Some people" out there probably suspected that this topic was coming.

You know who you are.

After all, it's "the internet". Which means that you are constantly out there, doing "your thing" (whatever that might be) and threatening the well being of the rest of us with your

“scare quotes”

The deadline to link your entries back to this thread is Tuesday, August 12th at 8pm EDT

Have fun!
idol 9

Work Room - Week 17

The new topic is up:

There have been conversations lately that folks need to step up their game. What do YOU think about that, and if you agree - how are you going to do it?

Heck, even if you disagree, we've past the Top 100, so it's going to have to happen anyway! How are you going to do it?

For that matter - what does "stepping up your game" writing-wise *mean* to you? ;)