August 6th, 2014

idol 9

Green Room - Week 16 - Day 6

It's not a new discussion by any means, in fact, it's probably one of the oldest Idol-related topics! But since it has been popping up more and more lately:

As a reader, what are you looking for in an entry? How clearly does it have to relate to the topic?

With people writing serial fiction, how high of a hurdle for them to get your vote?

With the amount of people with byes left dwindling, and things speeding up a bit, we could very well be at the Top 75 faster than anyone can accurately plan on. As a competitor, what are you doing to make sure YOU are one of those people?

What advice would you give to others to make sure that *they* are?


There's a vote going on right now: from last night until tomorrow night. So, it's a smaller window. Hopefully you followed my advice and started reading early!