July 17th, 2014

idol 9

Green Room - Week 14 - Day 14

It's the final day to get in your contestant only vote: http://therealljidol.livejournal.com/756961.html

I already have a backlog stacking up, that I will be trying to work through... while, you know, "working". ;)

The deadline to get them to me is 8pm EDT. So make sure to get your votes in. There's still enough non-counted votes out there to make the people on the top become the people on the bottom! :) So who knows what is going to happen tonight!


As I was walking in to work this morning, there were three women talking. I only heard a bit of their conversation as I passed - but what I heard was that one of them was complaining because her Mother had asked for a piece of her young son's hair. She thought it was creepy. One of the friends was just started to disagree and say it wasn't by the time I was getting out of range.

I'm not sure if the Grandmother in question was a voodoo priestess or perhaps a mad scientist wanting to clone her grandson. (Personally, I keep hair samples of all Idol contestants, just in case)

I simply don't have those details.

I *do* know that this is the first child/grandchild/person of any kind (that the woman knew about at least) where the Grandmother had wanted a piece of hair.

So I'm throwing it out there - who collects hair? Is it completely normal or "creepy"?
idol 9

Results - Week 14

It came down to a couple of votes.

Really, not even that.

Because immunity came into play.

Was it the bouncing immunity that mstrobel passed to roina_arwen?


It was the personal immunity possessed by diagenou. That was used, and as a result, two more people are going home.

Before we get to that though, two things - first, thank you to everyone who voted! You definitely made the difference. Had you *not* submitted those votes over the last couple of hours, it would have been an almost completely different group going this week. Heck, had people been able to vote for their Top 40, it may have been a different group, that's how it works sometime, and this is definitely proof of that.

Second, there were *5* sacrifices this week. They are: porn_this_way, raven-annabelle, rswndrlst, sestinaqueen and teenagewitch

Thanks to immunity coming into play, there are also 5 being eliminated, for the maximum of 10 that were eligible to leave the game this week.

I hope that all of these folks will play the Home Game, and keep an eye out for Second Chance. You never know when it might be coming!

But for now, we are losing some old friends, and a new one:

idol 9


I said from the start of the season that there would be a point in mid-to-late July that we would pause for a commercial break.

So here it is: LJ IDOL!

or, if you want to give on a monthly basis: http://www.patreon.com/user?u=70027

Obviously, you don't have to give at all. Not going to impact anyone either positively or negatively within the game itself. But this is a commercial break, so there goes that hat! All proceeds go toward my wedding fund! :) (some people have a second job, I'm already working one!)

Another good way to give back, in a non-financial way, is to spread the word about Idol to the masses, and continue to create a supportive environment around here. (Until of course I hunt you down and eliminate all of you, except one!)

As for "What is going to be happening?" I had a lot of options.

The one that I am going with though is to proceed to Week 15, but give you an extended deadline.

The new topic will be posted tomorrow.

I may have limited access over the next week. I'll still be popping in - but my assistant is coming out of the shadows and will be posting Green Rooms/keeping this madhouse in line/banning people left and right. (for those who don't remember kithan or never met her, her wanting to ban everyone to end the season earlier is a running joke. Or rather "joke". :D)

So be nice to her!