April 20th, 2014

idol 9

Green Room - Week 6 - Weekend Edition

On Friday, I sacrificed the Green Room. Today, it came back, bringing salvation to all Idolers!

Someone should write this down somewhere so that future generations can know of this blessing upon you all!

Well, if we are getting technical, it's not really "salvation" you are receiving. More like "more torture". So I'm not sure that it's entirely the same thing! ;)


We *did* lose a member this weekend to the forces of Real Life. Unfortunately, she did not rise again a few days later as I had hoped. But there is still a chance to see her in the Home Game, and I hope that we do! Goodbye to abigailendersby! Thank you for coming out this season!

Happy Easter to those who celebrate - and Happy Give Gary Yellow Peeps Day to everyone who SHOULD be celebrating that day! Anyone doing anything special?