April 11th, 2014

idol 9

Green Room - Week 5 - Day 1

Good morning Idol!

I came into work today, full of hope, only to have that hope dashed.

I'm speaking of course, of having that wonderful feeling of acheiving something that can only happen once in a great while: Elevator Tetris!!

The doors opened, some people (including myself) got on. The first person pushed for Floor 2. Then someone else pushed 4. Then someone pushed 8 (the top floor of the building). There was one more guy who was getting on, and the tension filled the air, as he reached over and pushed 5... *5*... sure, that's where he works and all, but he could have walked down a flight of stairs in the service of acheiving ELEVATOR TETRIS!!!

Geez, the nerve of some people! ;)


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Speaking of "having some nerve" - Canadian "Digital Privacy Act": http://www.michaelgeist.ca/content/view/7106/125/

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