April 2nd, 2014

idol 9

Green Room - Week 3 - Day 6

"I just can't sympathize with your rock and roll problems'. Isn't that what we wanted? Some major rock and roll problems" - Craig Finn

There are First World Problems, and then there is the problem of having too much rock! :)

I've already purchased tickets to my first "major festival", which is going to have a bunch of great bands playing.

I'd checked the schedule and it was clear.

Last week, my favorite live band announced that they were coming to town. Well, a friend of mine told me (I totally missed it) When are they coming? A night in the middle of the festival, the night that the band Cynthia has been wanting to see will be playing. I thought maybe the schedules would work out to do both, but although the festival schedule hasn't been announced yet, the show at the local venue isn't the place that doesn't start until late. Which means they will likely be happening at the same time.

I've seen both bands. Completely different music. I prefer the one coming to the smaller venue. (obviously, since I called them my "favorite live band". :D)

It's a shame, but going to see the band with Cynthia was a no-brainer. Except that this morning, one of the members of the smaller venue band posted on my facebook wall inviting me to their show. Personal invite from the band.

Like I said, Rock Problems. :)

Maybe we can ask some starving children in a third world country for advice. Someone tell them to get on Reddit so we can discuss!


In other world-shaking news: I went to my first hockey game last night. It was pretty fun. Much better than watching it on television.


In other, other news - there is a poll going on. Right now. There is no schedule conflict for that. It's also more fun than it looks on television. http://therealljidol.livejournal.com/722286.html

And unlike HIMYM, if you don't like the final result, you can't just go complain on social media - because the result is in your hands!! You will decide who survives this week! So if someone isn't getting the love you think they deserve, tell people about it. What is it about that piece that has inspired you to want to spread some love on it's behalf?