March 31st, 2014

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Green Room - Week 3 - Day 4

We're starting the day off with a bit of bad news. Well good *and* bad. The good is that druidspell has some exciting stuff happening with her life. The bad being that it means she will be leaving us.

So, congratulations and thank you for coming out! Hope to see you in the Home Game!

(edit to add: I just got another email from stacieann15 who will also be following into the Great Home Game in the sky)


Another bit of good news/bad news is the end of "How I Met Your Mother" tonight. I'll probably end up watching it after I finish with the polls.


Speaking of polls, the deadline for the new topic is TONIGHT at 8pm: so make sure you are there, or we will be sending you to visit Terminus. I've heard it's great. Try the BBQ!
idol 9

Vote - Week 3

A few words from clauderainsrm:

I can’t believe that “How I Met Your Mother” ended that way. I just didn’t see it coming that the final shot of the series was going to be the reveal that Ted was on his death bed, hallucinating that he had children. The entire series was *that*? It turned out that not only did he never have kids and he never met “The Mother” but that his friends were delusions as well!!!???

I’ve got to say though, it was a really dark twist, but I think they pulled it off.*

(*Note: I’ve been putting together the poll. I haven’t watched the finale yet :D)

Speaking of pulling of a dark twist - as I noted before the Week 2 poll had closed, that there was going to be a tribal shuffle! There are now 5 tribes, and a Redemption Tribe for those in a tie last week. Which means that this week there will be 6 going home! (the bottom vote-getters from each tribe)

That should make things a little more interesting!

The poll closes Thursday, April 3rd at 10pm EDt, so make sure to get out there, read the entries, comment and, of course, vote for your favorites to keep them in the competition!

Good luck to everyone!

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