March 29th, 2014

idol 9

Green Room - Week 3 - Weekend Edition

Before I start rambling, I have the solemn duty to let you know that two of your comrades have fallen on their swords. I'm a huge fan of one of them (or at least her work from high school) and I'm was really looking forward to seeing what the other was going to be able to produce this season. Goodbye to Kari Hilwig and kshandra. Thank you both for coming out, and I hope you will consider playing the Home Game!


One of the things that I've always loved about the internet is that it's a great tool for helping to level the playing field. You get people with viewpoints and backgrounds that you might not encounter in your everyday life. You get folks marginalized speaking with a voice that has the potential to be as loud as anyone else.

Heck, I personally benefit from this nifty invention. I highly doubt people would be interested in a speech-recognition version of this post! On a particularly bad day, it would take me forever just to get out the words "before I start rambling"! ;) Even on a good day, once I open my mouth, people tend to dismiss what is coming out of it.

It's an interesting study of privilege from someone lucky enough to have been born with it, and see some of it slip away by the simple act of communication.

On the other hand, here on the internet fluency isn't an issue. Being a vague SOB certainly is, but at least you know the words coming off my fingertips, and embarrassing typos not withstanding, you have the basic idea of what I'm attempting to get across.

So - yay internet!

In the midst of this praise for the series of tubes that gives us so much, there is one thing that I want to say - and I figured that in the confines of somewhere where I control the vertical and the horizontal was the place to do it:

Under the levels of the things that make us who we are, the cultural and the life experiences - under the levels of race and gender, there is basic humanity and personality traits.

You can measure those through various assessments and figure out what kind of things suit you and how to use that which is "you" to the best of your abilities, focusing in on the methods that will give the most benefit.

When we celebrate - and on occasion fetishize the traits and experiences that make us unique, there is one thing that we should keep in mind, because it doesn't get said enough. No, not that we need to be reminded that we are all human beings and learn to respect each other. That gets said all the time.

No, what needs to be said is that regardless of race, gender, life experiences and anything else you can think of, regardless of what a person might be processing at any given moment, the universal truth is that some people are just assholes.

In your daily journal through this cyber world we live in, and in the imaginary thing people have taken to calling "Real Life", you are going to meet a lot of these assholes. Some of them will even agreed with us about things. It's OK. They can't be wrong all of the time! Where would be the fun in that?


The new topic is up:
The Work Room is in full swing with people dealing with figuring out this topic: and if you have a few minutes and want to help out a couple of your fellow contestants with other things they are working on, venture onto The Killing Floor and see what you find!


Hope you have a good weekend!