March 28th, 2014

idol 9

Green Room - Week 3 - Day 1

I'm proud to announce that the Damn Foreigner Extrication from the Oppression of Not Being 'Merican group is holding meetings to discuss racial sensitivity and diversity training of whatever it is that those hippies care about. They will be holding their first fundraiser this weekend, racing through Central Park in their froufrou skirts, designed to make them run faster.

Nothing but good things will come of this.

The DFEONB' is an equal opportunity group who believes that all people are equal, and should be treated accordingly.

They also believe that Damn Foreigners are not really people, and all look alike to us. It's just a bunch of blurry vaguely human-like shapes, who are busy trying to get over the walls we have built, to come steal our jobs.

Fortunately, people like the DFEONB' are vigilantly patrolling our borders and tweeting about the things that matter most. (mostly cat pictures and Dan Snyder instagram retweets)

They are also doing other important things, like letting people know about the results from last night: and the New Topic: and of course, the Work Room:

Good job!!! Wait - where do these people live anyway.... have the Damn Foreigners taken the jobs of the once proud DFEONB'???

#canceldfeonb' Someone call @suey_park and get her on this!!