March 12th, 2014

idol 9

Green Room - Week 0 - Day 2

It's the Internet's Birthday!

At least, according to the Internet.

Did you remember to get it something nice?

Are you rushing out now, as we speak, to find that special something for the series of tubes that gives you so much?

Will you be using your time to post cat pictures on every subReddit, just because you can? Pictures of cat porn? Nazi cat porn?

Will you be surfing around sites hoping to catch a photoshop mistake to use in your latest blog about photshop mistakes, hoping that it will end up being part of the bigger conversation about body image (and get you lots of hits when it is picked up by other sites)

Or will you be here, doing what the Internet is made for: reading entries and clicking to vote for your favorites? Will you be busy recruiting more people to take part in this sacred institution, so dear to the heart of the Internet itself?

Or will you just spend your time Snapchatting your Instagram of your Kik message about what something tweeted that they were told on Facebook about an article that Gawker reblogged?

It's your time. It's your choice. Choose wisely. The Internet is counting on you!