March 11th, 2014

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Vote - Week 0

A few words from clauderainsrm:

It figures that the Week 0 poll would be the one that kept me up into the wee hours!
I would say something clever here, after all, it’s the last Week 0 poll of LJ IDOL. But then again, it’s also the first poll of the new season, and hopefully this means that I found the bugs right away. ;)

Heh… yeah, right.

At any rate - here it is. The poll.

No one is going to be eliminated this week, and no special powers are going to be given.

If you see anything wrong (links going to the wrong place, broken, etc), email me at and I’ll make a note at the end of this post so that they can be corrected for the real one.

This poll will close on Thursday, March 13th at 9pm EDT. So make sure to read them, comment, and vote for your favorites! It’s a great way to get to know your fellow contestants and is good practice! (not to mention, it’s a good thing to do in general)

Btw - I’m calling an audible, and leaving the Sign Up Sheet open until the Week 1 entries are due. (Spoiler alert: Next Monday) So be sure to encourage people to vote, after all, that’s the best way of getting that hooked on what we are doing here! :) Voting is open to everyone!

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Note: The correct link for cacophonesque is
The correct link for miintikwa is

Additional notes- not being able to click on the person's user name means that they do not have a Livejournal.
"Votes do not count" = this topic was not mandatory. The people with that next to their name did not submit an entry, and instead have that as a placeholder.
idol 9

Green Room - Week 0 - Day 1

Good morning and welcome to the first day of the poll!

I've seen various questions floating around from the newbies, so I figured that I would answer some of them here. I'll answer others of them in the emails that they sent me, and still others I will answer in my own head. The voices there have quite a few questions.

"What is happening???" - Life. Universe. Everything. The TRUE answer isn't 42, that's just how many times you will be refreshing the poll every hour. :)

"How many people can we vote for in each tribe?" - You can vote for as many entries as you feel deserve your vote/support. That's the difference between a check box poll and a radial one. The check box means you can select as many options as you like.

"Why are the tribes arranged like that?" Because that's how the English language alphabet is set up.

"I have more than one eligible account, can I vote with all of them?" I have a hammer that's really good at smashing things. Can I borrow your fingers?

"How do I know when things are due?" I will make a Topic post with that information for every topic. You may want to subscribe to the "Topic" tag. OR, read the daily Green Room. I try to remind everyone about important information in here. I may also say things that make no sense and/or threaten you. That just goes with the terrority.

"Did you really extend the Sign Up period?" Yes, I did. I had several emails from people saying "I want to play" who hadn't signed up yet. Plus, I've been seeing quite a few "What is that?" comments on people's Introduction posts. My hope is that by giving them a little extra time, that they will decide to sign up and play. Normally, my reaction would be "Sorry, you missed it!" but there's no "Well, you can play next season!" So I'm trying the whole "being a little bit more generous" tact and seeing how that works for me! :)

So tell people about it:

"Is it true that Flight MH370's passengers are now Idol contestants?" No. They are all former Idol contestants who didn't sign up for this season. That's why no one can find them.

"Why are you so awesome?" Just because.