March 10th, 2014

idol 9

Green Room - Sign Up Week - Day 8

If you are one of those people waiting until the last minute to sign up, it's here! Come on in and see the elephant!!

You know you want to!

At very least, you can see the picture of the elephant.

Or perhaps cosplay the elephant.

Or Elephant-Bound, and show up to see the elephant cosplaying your favorite elephant!

Maybe you can be casual cosplaying the elephant, by wearing something grey or eating an elephant ear!


Also of note, Week 0 entries, for those doing their Introduction, are due tonight at 10pm EDT! So I hope you remembered to change your clocks yesterday!


Also of note, I'm still pretty much asleep after a weekend at the music festival. So please use your "inside voices" while I go back to napping. I sure my boss won't mind!

Hopefully LJ will actually post this one to the correct place instead of glitching again! :)