March 8th, 2014

idol 9

Green Room - Sign Up Week - Weekend Edition


Do you want to know a secret?

Do you promise not to tell?


Let me whisper in your ear.

Say these words you long to hear:


That's right. They are happening right now! It closes on Monday evening, so if you know people who haven't jumped on this train, they are going to end up in front of it, and standing in front of a train never ends well. Unless, of course, you are Superman, and then it doesn't end well for the train. But fortunately, this is a train made out of Kryptonite. So if are you Superman, you are about to get a nasty surprise!

If you have chosen the correct path though, Week 0 entries are due on Monday as well: for those who wish to get that ball rolling.

Yes, sometimes it's a train and sometimes it's a ball! Next time it might be a man-eating tiger, or perhaps a woman-eating tiger, or a facebook tiger which is finally recognizing that it's not binary and giving you options of different gender variations that it likes to eat!


What are you doing this weekend?