March 5th, 2014

idol 9

Topic - Week 0

Yes, it's that time.

For those new to these proceedings, the "Week 0" topic is a non-mandatory (it doesn't count against you if you don't do it) exercise. It helps you because it's good practice and it gets your name out there early on.

It helps me practice with the polls after a long break (and needing to set them up with all the new names).

So basically, it's helpful. You should totally do it!

This is your chance to make a first impression with the group (or in the case of veterans, another first impression!) so use it wisely.

That's why the topic is (as usual)


Introduce yourself. Set the stage. Do whatever it is that you do that is going to convince everyone to love you! ;)

Please ONLY include links in this thread. If you want to comment on the entries themselves, comment *in the comments of the entry itself*!!!  Trust me, it will mean a lot more to the author if you actually comment to *them*! ;)

The deadline to link your entries back to this thread is Monday, March 10th at 10pm EDT Have fun!
idol 9

Green Room - Sign Up Week - Day 3

Stop staring at the internet, waiting for the Questionable Content Marten/Claire relationship to start: The Week 0 topic has been posted:

So now you have something to do that doesn't involve 18-year olds suing their parents for college tuition or yelling at Rescue Karma for stealing a dog.

You're welcome internet.

There is still time for other people to sign up as well, to fill those long internet hours with the glory that is LJ IDOL! There's no reason for you to suffer alone! You can drag your friends into the fray as well!


So, what are some of the things, out there in the great big world, that have caught YOUR interest lately?