January 29th, 2014

lj idol

The Countdown - 32

There's more going on backstage at Idol than at a Dustin Hennessey support group meeting!!

Of course, there isn't really any action at that meeting, so by definition, we have more! Just because it's an unfair example doesn't mean it's not an example! :)

Amanda Palmer will be swinging by later to talk about, well, it really doesn't matter what she will talk about, it's going to upset someone! So make sure to pack a lunch!

I'm sure something will happen today that will make both of those old news. Or "older than they already are" news! The internet will be fuming and clickbait will flow from the fingertips and out into the world, to be consumed!

With so many people stuck somewhere in a snowbank, that is just going give people more time to rage! Which means, more entertainment for the rest of us!

Thank you weather, and thank you internet!!

What's got you enraged today??