December 17th, 2013

lj idol

The Lobby - 9

People have started bugging me for an update, so I'm back posting. I'd say "bugging you", but I hope that people who just aren't interested will skip down to the stuff that *does* interest them!

I'd say right now that "early Jan" is pretty much out (barring a "Christmas miracle" and even then I'm still waiting on the graphics for next season anyway) but still hoping for sometime that month being able to roll out Season 9. If it doesn't happen, well, then it doesn't. That was kind of the point of doing things this way, to conform to the schedule that the general public decides. If people decide "never" is the right time, well, then I'll have to live with that too. (heh, you can tell that I'm not ready to come back right now, because I'm always ready to drive you crazy! :D)
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Let me know if there is anything specific that you think should be in the FAQs. I'll be writing those soon, so the more "Newbies should know this..." you want to share, the better. So much is "common knowledge" that it can be tricky. Of course there is also those aspects that work so much better as people figure them out themselves. I can say "Idol is what you make it" 500 times in the FAQs, but it's not until you truly *get it* that things really kick in. (and then, often get lost again!)

Anyway - enough with that stuff...

How have you been doing? Enjoying your holidays/enjoyed your holidays/about to enjoy your holidays/not acknowledging this tilt of the earth as anything other than "it's cold"?

Excited for the Doctor Who Christmas Special or the Sherlock one (online!)? Excited for the ending of the latest season of Survivor or the "Brawn vs Brains vs Beauty" theme of the next? Excited about ANYTHING? No? I will kick some excitement into you... don't make me come over there...