September 5th, 2013

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Green Room - Week 15 - Day 3

There are a lot of people talking about Syria. Some of them are in favor of intervening. Many are against it.

Some of the latter have declared that the United States is not the world's police, and need to stay out of things that don't directly concern them.

I hope that doesn't apply to those with power and privilege on a domestic, or individual level - since I was pretty sure that I've heard many people saying that those with those things need to make an extra effort to speak up, and take action when they see something wrong.

I would hate if they decided that it "didn't concern them" when horrible things happened to people around them. Or even in another part of the world.

I would hope that they would care about various stuff outlined on and throughout that website about actual atrocities occurring while people are still discussing Miley Cyrus and forwarding Aziz Ansari's "take down" of various issues during a comedy roast.

I would hope that taking an interest in what is going on outside your own sphere of influence would be a *good* thing. I'm not advocating for or against bombing anyone. Except maybe Idol contestants... I'm pretty sure they are fair game, and I'm even more sure that some of them are quite "bombed" right now anyway! ;)

What I *am* arguing for though is that a "super power", by definition, has power and privilege, and needs to use it to find ways to make the world a better place.

Even if it's just one link to the topic post at a time:

What sort of action should be taken with Syria? More informed people than myself are debating that back and forth all over social media, and where those decisions are actually going to be made. I think there's a big wide gulf between "bomb 'em!" and "do nothing" though and I think that it needs to be found exactly where that "sweet spot of action" is!
Idol B

Vote - Week 15

A few words from clauderainsrm:

Last week, there were 8. Now there are 9.

Correction, padf00t missed the deadline and now there are once again 8.

It’s a difficult thing to get this close to the end and then need to drop. I hope that everything is OK.

Thank you for all of the awesome entries!

As for the rest of you, your opponent was picked by spinning The Wheel of Doom three times and feeding the cheese that it landed on to the Mouse of Destiny, who was given eight plates. The ones that got pooped on first were paired together, and so on…

Either that, or it’s a Community Only poll. One of those two things is happening.
If it’s the latter, then it’s a really good time to make sure people know about the wonders of Idol!

There are only 8 entries, so it won’t kill them to come on in and check out all of the awsomeness! Or, if it does kill them, then you know some weak people, and the genetic pool is better off without them!

The poll closes Monday, Sept 9th at 9pm EDT and we will be losing the bottom two.

Good luck to everyone!

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