August 26th, 2013

Idol B

Results - Week 13

We are saying goodbye to one person today, and throwing four more into a do-or-die situation. Or perhaps a do *and* die situation…

favoritebean is leaving us, to (hopefully) join the ranks of the Home Game.

You had a fantastic run, and please don’t forget to send me your 5 picks of things you are interested in from the Community Chest!

There were two people leaving, which means that the four-way tie for that second spot is going to be handled by a run-off.


will have until tomorrow, Tuesday August 27th at 9pm EDT to link their entries back here.

The topic is My Rival

Have fun!

x_disturbed_x has sacrificed, officially finishing in 9th place. The run off is canceled, and we now resume our regular topic selection, already in progress.
Idol B

Topic - Week 14

There is a run-off going on at the moment, but that shouldn’t change that you need to pair up with someone.

Granted, if you pair up with someone who ends up being eliminated, well that’s not a very good thing. So choose wisely!

There are two topics, and again, I have to point out that these were selected by your fellow contestants.

I decided to pair them together, because, well… that’s what you do!

One of you takes the first topic, the second one takes the other - I’m pretty sure you know the drill by now.

Note: Because of how few of you there are, there is NO “pick someone you haven’t worked with before” restriction to this one.

The topics are:

"Not a f*cking people person",
"Sit and spin"

You have until Thursday, August 29th at 9pm EDT to link your entries back here!

Have fun!