August 24th, 2013

Idol B

Green Room - Week 13 - Weekend Edition

More and more these days, people talk about the importance of being "a good Ally".

I couldn't agree more. Who else are you going to turn to if you need to fight off the Nazis?

Who else is going to hang out with Kate?

You need an Ally. (or sometimes an Allie)

People look for allies for all kinds of causes. But when you get right down to it, the only truly important one is being a good LJ IDOL ALLY.

How do you be a good LJ Idol Ally? I'm glad you were forced to ask.

Support Idol by letting other people know about it.

If you see someone bad mouthing an Idol contestant, or Idol in general, speak up and let them know that their Idol-bigotry will not be tolerated. Or, take them outside and beat them up. One of those things.

If you see someone in line with you at a grocery store, and they are being asked to provide extra ID, and cross-checked on the "bad check list" just because they have been identified as an Idol contestant, punch that cashier in the face, and then run off with the groceries. That's the price of discrimination!!

If you see a non-Idoler trying to appropriate your Idol experience, take a bat to their knees. Because appropriation is stealing something that is yours.

Be sure to visit the LJ Idol Store early and often. The more you click and buy, the better it is for all of Idol!

Get out and vote for your favorites: - they are counting on you, so stop being a worthless slacker. If you see someone *not* voting, tear out the spleen. They had it coming.