August 7th, 2013

Idol B

Green Room - Week 11 - Day 6

Tonight is the deadline: but we already have had one drop. I was going to wait to talk about it, since there were a couple other things on my mind this morning – but I decided not to do that.

alexpgp is the type of “busy” that most people only dream about being. Which is why he ultimately had to drop this week, in order to concentrate on that pesky “Real Life”. Anyone who has been following Idol for any length of time knows that I would literally fight someone for an officer position in his official Fan Club. He’s someone who is fairly low key, and might not interact as much, so you don’t hear as many people talk about it – but those who find it usually end up quickly becoming fans. Losing him is always a blow, and is no less in this mini-season.

The good news though is that he’s the first to qualify to select something from the Community Chest! So, there’s that…


In other news – I learned something important yesterday. Something that I don’t think can be said enough… teenagers interested in social justice are extremely annoying. It’s great that they are taking an interest in the world around them – and realizing the existence of privilege… but teenagers tend to be annoying on their own, and believe that they have all of the answers… I know, I was one (long ago)… so, teens with a *cause*… man… they were nice enough people, and perfect great to talk to, but once they got on that soapbox… I’d forgotten what it was like! It makes me wonder why the homicide rate of teenagers isn’t higher! ;)

I thought Idol contestants were annoying!! “Teen LJ Idol” would be a nightmare! ;)
Idol B

Vote - Week 11

A few words from clauderainsrm:

I thought the sadness was out of the way this morning with the announcement that alexpgp had to drop. Unfortunately, some people saw that as an excuse to follow suit and allow themselves to be dragged into the depths of “Real Life” as well.

Which is why we are saying goodbye to belleweather, eeyore_grrl streetnights. Two extremely talented writers and one complete (redacted) better known as talon. ;)

Seriously though, they will definitely be missed, (especially by me!) and I hope that they will still have the time to hang out in the Green Room and participate in the Home Game.
Oh, and is the case with everyone who has made it to this point, they are eligible to make a list of their Top 5 items they are interested in from the Community Chest, and send it to me at!

So, congratulations! (and sorry to see you go!)

As for the rest of you, there is no rest for the wicked! Which is why we are continuing on as planned!

The poll looks a little different, with your first entry being followed by a separate item for your second entry. This is very important, since the two final vote tallies will be added together.

The bottom six will be eliminated.

So make sure to get out there, read, comment and vote for your favorites!

the poll will close Monday August 12th at 9pm EDT

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