July 24th, 2013

Idol B

Green Room - Week 9 - Day 5

For those who didn’t see it – I’ve had to adjust the deadline for this week. I was tempted to make it sooner, just to mess with you – but considering that I never do that, I guess we will have to just give you a little *more* time to read and vote. (Note: for some reason, my LJ is acting up and not accepting updates – the new deadline is Friday, July 26th at 11am EDT)

You can thank an unexpected houseguest flying in tomorrow night! (or rather, expected at some point – just not “oh hey, in two days…”)

The poll is located at: http://therealljidol.livejournal.com/676691.html and now that you have extra time, there really isn’t an excuse to make your voice be heard! Read the entries! Comment! And of course vote for your favorites! Then spread the word!

And of course, the Community Chest, which is being updated soon – once I can! - to include all the new goodies that are available!

That’s it from me - What have YOU been doing?