July 22nd, 2013

Idol B

Green Room - Week 9 - Day 3

I just started The Wise Man’s Fear by Patrick Rothfuss. I finished the first book and felt the need to run out and get the second. A friend of mine, in finding out that I had never read The Name of the Wind rushed out to a bookstore and bought me the first one. As I was finishing it, I realized that I had a gift card from Christmas that I had, for some reason, never ended up using. Which makes this the best free series that I have ever owed!! (I can’t say “read”, because I’ve checked out plenty of great series from the library)

What is the best free series of books you have ever owned? Read?

What is the worst – the ones that made you just throw the book across the room?

What is the best series of links you’ve ever read? Oh yeah, the ones to the entries DUE TONIGHT: http://therealljidol.livejournal.com/675235.html followed by those for the Home Game: http://therealljidol.livejournal.com/675965.html
Idol B

Community Chest - Exhibit B

It’s time again to post the COMMUNITY CHEST!

For those of you not around last mini-season, it’s a special “thank you” by Idol fans for Idol fans. My involvement is that I find out what people are offering, coordinate who gets what to make it as fair as possible – and then put those people in touch. I don’t have anything to do with the actual “prizes” themselves.

There are more things that were offered toward the end of Exhibit A, but I want to hear from those folks again to make sure that they still want to put it out there!

How this works is that people will offer something up (no food or money) and I will add them to the list. The amount of items will determine who will be eligible to receive something. (For instance: We get 10 items, the Top 10 will all be eligible) If someone decides to “pass” on getting something, then the person who finishes in 11th place will be eligible, and so on… We get 30 items, then the Top 30… you get the picture…

What is currently available:

1. custom hula hoop from kandigurl
2. an original story from lrig_rorrim
3. A copy of "The Edge of the Map" By Jax Goss (ebook), furnished by the author
4. A copy of "Fae Fatales” anthology (ebook) from Solarwyrm Press http://solarwyrm.com/
5. A copy of “Adrift” (ebook) by Dominica Malcolm, furnished by the author
6. A Shinto "good luck" charm from meepalicious
7. An original story/poem from michikatinski
8. an original contemporary R&B sex/love ballad (one verse, one chorus) from acalculatedname
9. An original story by x_disturbed_x
10. Customized recipe book (see comments for details) from cheshire23
11. a set of FIVE hand-stamped greeting cards (see comments for details) from roina_arwen
12. Handmade crochet monster from Exhibit A Winner zephyrly
13. Two custom LJ icons, made to your specifications from porn_this_way
14. An original story from padf00t
15. An original story from halfshellvenus
16. A copy of the novel Welcome to River Street by Amy Levy, furnished by the author
17. constructive criticism/content editing for the first 50 pages of one's novel OR 3-5 short stories (from theun4givables
18. a piece of chainmaille jewelry (or other item) from joyfulfeather
19. a hand knitted beanie hat from tatdatcm
20. A copy of Idol Meanderings (e-book) from Fey Publishing http://www.feypublishing.com/
21. A copy of Home (e-book) by Nicole Berman, furnished by Fey Publishing and the author
22. A copy of In Darkness and Light by Allison Rogers (e-book - featuring 3 new stories not in previous edition) furnished by Fey Publishing and the author
23. A copy of The Chalice *and* The Blood Crown (e-books) the first two books in The Vampire Relics Trilogy by Tracy Angelica Evans (LJ Idol Season 1 winner!), furnished by Fey Publishing and the author.
24. "hand knitted something, either a decorative scarf or a couple of headbands, or washcloths with designs in them or a baby blanket are all doable" - from poppetawoppet
25. A paperback copy the book of poetry of "Picturebook of the Martyrs" by Alyce Wilson, as well as a preview copy (in MS Word or PDF form) of her upcoming poetry book, "Owning the Ghosts", furnished by teh author
26. "I would be willing to SPAG/edit a story or three or even a novella" - from jake67jake

Check this space. More will be added as I hear confirmations! If you have anything you would like to offer, let me know!
Idol B

Vote - Week 9

A few words from clauderainsrm:

When you start with devastation like announcing that


missed the deadline and were officially eliminated, there really isn’t anywhere to go but “up”. Because that’s horrible news, plain and simple. I like and admire all of them. Heck, at least one of them is on my mental “If I had an All Stars season, who would I recruit?” Two, of them on a good day - with the third coming in on the short list of people who have impressed me, but I want to see more from. Which, hopefully I will in the form of Home Game entries. Right?

As for the rest of you, there is no rest for the wicked, which is why you are all in constant motion!

Everyone is back in one poll, so it’s a straight-forward, the bottom three will be eliminated scenario.

Which means that it’s time to get the word out - spread the word about Idol. Let people know where they need to come to read some great entries, and some stimulating conversation. Yes, I’m advocating that you lie to them about the conversation! Then again, this is Livejournal - so by those standards, Idol conversation is a MENSA meeting!

The poll closes at Friday, July 26th at 11am EDT Keep in mind, there is still one immunity out there, left to give to someone else by the Top 25. Which is getting awfully close...

Good luck to everyone!

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