July 12th, 2013

Idol B

Green Room - Week 8 - Day 3

George Zimmerman is going to be found “Not Guilty”.

At least that is the feeling I’ve been hearing over the last 48 hours from locals who have been discussing the case. I know the killing of Trayvon Martin is a big media spectacle in a lot of places, but around here, it’s just a little bit, geographically-wise, away from being local news. Which means most people are following the trial, or parts of it, and everyone seems to have an opinion on it.

Most agree that the Prosecution didn’t prove their case – even the ones who want Zimmerman to be found guilty. There are already groups on their way down to protest that a “white man can get away with killing a black man”.

To that I say, imagine calling any other biracial person a “white man” or saying “He’s not (Hispanic) (Black) (Asian) enough”. There would be a flurry of blog posts about that, at the very least. In this case though, most of them are on the latter groups side, the ones who decided, before the trial even started that Zimmerman was guilty, and that the only way he wouldn’t be convicted is if the system was inherently racist.

I’m not saying that it’s not – and I’m not saying that Zimmerman was right in any way, shape or form. He seems like an asshat, at the very least, and is example #1 of why you need to be careful who can get a gun, and what their motivation might be in having one. There are just some people who are on power trips, and that just makes it worse.

But that’s not at issue. What is – did the Prosecution prove their case? We’re going to find out, and regardless of the outcome, the internet is going to explode with people who didn’t actually follow the case, or did in pieces, most of who made up their mind when the story broke, that an innocent child was brutally gunned down and murdered by a some white suburban guy for Walking While Black. Or of course the people who made up their mind, when the story broke, that some innocent guy was attacked for protecting his neighborhood from some thug and is being charged for just defending himself.

Maybe the Prosecution *did* end up proving it. Which would be awesome. But the feeling on the street is that they didn’t. We’ll see who is right, and who ends up exploding across the internet (Spoiler alert: It will be everyone) and of course, who fills up their Zimmerman trial bingo card up first.


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