May 29th, 2013

Idol B

Green Room - Week 2 - Day 7

I saw it mentioned yesterday that everyone is at the same party, but not everyone speaks at the same volume.

That’s why my only method of communication is yelling into a megaphone.

“But Gary,” you say, “ that was a metaphor for the culture of Privilege!”

At least that’s what I imagine you are saying. I wasn’t really listening. I can only really make out some sort of pops and buzzes when you open your mouth. Occasionally there is a word or two that sounds like ‘Merican. But less in the “I understand you” and more of the “look at those adorable little foreigners trying to speak a Real Language! It’s precious”.

What I *do* know though is that the polls are closing tonight, and there is a lot on the line. "People" (tm) are being eliminated! Which means that if someone isn’t getting the love you think they deserve, it’s time to speak up about it.

Granted, I won’t be paying attention to you or your blah-blah, but who knows – maybe someone else will!
Idol B

Results - Week 2

It’s been a strange, and definitely thought-provoking week - and I’m not even talking about what has been going on at Idol!

But since we are gathered here, and that’s probably what you want to hear about right now, I guess it’s best to get on with the business at hand.

I’ll handle the worst news first, since it’s the first time that Second Chance Idol will be eliminating folks this mini-season, and that’s never an easy thing. In the early stages, it’s really easy to find yourself out before you know it. Fortunately, they did get a couple weeks under their belt. But just as unfortunately, things just didn’t work out. I hope that when you get the chance, you go back and read their work over the next couple of weeks. Idol has a history of “early boots” coming back the following season and doing really well. I hope that they will stick around, Home Game, and continue that tradition.

Goodbye to dawnstar and fred_fierce

Those leaving from the other tribes will be joining the depleted Second Chancers next week.

The tie-inspired “Sudden Death” tribe is losing ashgaelsonaria and padf00t
and the main competition is offering up to the SCI fates:

There were scheduled to be two more being sent off, but due to another tie, they will to sent to a slightly different fate. Except for thegrimms who has been spared by a surprise immunity necklace from kajel!
Idol B

Topic - Week 3

It’s time for Week 3. Which means that, yes, it’s time for another Intersection!

Why? Because we like you.

So find a partner (someone that you *have not* worked with so far in Exhibit B) and you each pick one of these topics:

I wake up strange
Oh, Lord, we're not talking ______ again, are we?

and then come back here and post your links! Please only use this space for declaring your partnerships, and then editing the original post(s) to include your links. (or deleting them altogether to save me the hassle of doing it!)

The deadline to link your entries back here is Monday June 3rd at 9pm EDT

Have fun!
Idol B

Second Chance Idol - Topic 2

It’s your Second Chance.

Which means there are no intersections, just that one more shot to make things right - and hopefully get back into the competition!

You do, on the other hand, have a choice of topics.

They are:

Look out

Choose wisely, and more importantly, knock our socks off. We don’t really like these socks anyway. We won’t miss them!

The deadline to link your entries back here is Monday June 3rd at 9pm EDT