May 27th, 2013

Idol B

Green Room - Week 2 - Day 5

The deadline for both the main competition and Second Chance Idol is TONIGHT at 9pm EDT. Why am I bringing this up? Because it's something you should know.

What is something else you should know?

I read something the other night - on fb from someone else of my acquaintance, that you should definitely know. File it away in your "feeding and care of your moderators". I use the plural, because despite the fact that it doesn't make much sense, apparently there are "other groups" out there that focus on a variety of subject matters. Some of you might even "belong" to them. Obviously, these are inferior groups and not really worth your time or attention. But since you insist on being in them, there is something that I should share with you.

The post in question was about how the moderator of said group was a horrible person, who was accusing them of all kinds of awful things and probably just jealous of them, using their "god-like mod powers" to oppress people.

What happened? After being told - for the sixth time - to stop spamming the community with links to her website, the comments were deleted and she was called out on it. Granted, I probably wouldn't have handled it that way. But guess what? If you know you're not supposed to be posting links to your blog or otherwise outside groups, it's not "adding to the conversation" to be posting links to where you said something you think is particularly witty. You are spamming the community. The mod might be a power-mad asshat. But that is just a coincidence.

I'm fortunate, in that people don't tend to break the rules around here. Probably due to the fear that I inspire, and the explosive devices that I have attached under your bed.

But I'm constantly seeing things like this from people in these "other groups". Where someone goes off on "this horrible mod" who did this or that - and sometimes they *are* idiots who did something stupid. They usually end up paying for that mistake in the long run.

That would never happen to me, of course. See also: those explosives under your bed.

So, just consider this POV the next time you see a rant about a "horrible mod", that *perhaps* that's the issue and perhaps the problem is that the person complaining doesn't think that the rules should apply to them.
Idol B

Vote - Week 2

A few words from clauderainsrm:

Let's try this again. Because no, I did not intend for those polls to be viewable to all, and am extremely embarrassed that it happened. First time in Idol history and it had to happen tonight! I knew the streak had to happen at some point, I'm just sorry that you had to experience it.

I literally ran out the door after the poll went up, as in "went for a run" and when I got back I checked my email and immediately deleted the polls. I didn't check the comments, so if you said something particularly poignant or witty, I apologize that it's gone forever too.

I've adjusted the poll deadline by an hour to make up for the lost time.

Greetings and hello - but more importantly, “Goodbye”! Because that’s why we are here after all. Not to celebrate each other and exclaim over the wonder of writing, but to eliminate some people! Or maybe that’s just me! :)

We are actually going to be starting the post off with a couple of eliminations due to them missing the deadline to get entries in for Second Chance. Of course, given that they missed the initial deadline as well, I think that it was probably pretty likely that they wandered on. Still, I was looking forward to seeing more of them. I hope all is well, and they can wander "back this way at some point in the future. Goodbye to: ugawa and pipistrelle!

We also had a couple folks who missed the deadline, who will automatically be joining Second Chance Idol next week - making it that much more of interesting place to play in: malruniel11 notodette and witchdollie

Hope all is well with them and that they rejoin us soon!

As for the rest of you, the poll is divided into three. Not the four you were expecting.

One group is the main competition. One is Second Chance Idol - and one is what I told you to be expecting - that there would be consequences of that big tie last week. Since I couldn’t eliminate people last time around, those on the verge are now in the “Sudden Death tribe”. Why? Because it sounds cool.

They are in the same boat as the main competition, they just have a little extra pressure and attention on them being at the top of the polls. If they are eliminated, they will go to Second Chance.

Speaking of, SCI will be losing two people this week.
Sudden Death will also lose two
and the main competition will lose Seven!

So, in other words, it’s business as usual!

The polls will all close Wednesday, May 29th at 10 pm EDT

Good luck to everyone!

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