May 10th, 2013

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Green Room - Week 0 - Day 4

The Zeroth poll of the season is up!

There is a discussion in that thread about “how to vote” for folks who might not be sure. Some important things to know: This is check boxes, not circles. In practical poll terms, this means you are being encouraged to vote for as many (or few) people as you want!
If you need to add or change a vote, click on the poll name and then hit “edit”. You can change your votes, but thanks to our wonderful friends at LJ, you need to make sure that everything else stays checked. If not, you will need to recheck every vote you want to cast!

There are some people offering spreadsheets and lists of who wrote what. These can be useful, if you are think you need some extra help. But really, the only thing you need is to read the entries, comment on them, and then vote for your favorites! So make with the clickies!!


As I said in the poll, I’m leaving Sign-ups open for a little while longer. I’m hoping people see this week and decide to jump in to fill those last slots! If they don’t, they don’t. But I did set up this mini-season toward being funded at the top of the range, so… hey, it doesn’t hurt to try! : )


What “weekend plans” did you have that are going to be disrupted by your constant refreshing of the poll?