May 4th, 2013

exhibit b

Green Room - Sign Up Week - Day 2

We are just over half-way for the amount of spots we have available for Exhibit B! So make sure you are spreading the word, the sooner we are filled up, the sooner we can get started... and the sooner that I can start eliminating you! Oh, sorry, that was my inside voice!

Spots are going faster than the internet turned on Zach Braff, so don't drag your feet on this one!

The sign up sheet is here:
and the FAQ is here:
and we are all together.

There was an unofficial friending frenzy yesterday - which marks the first time that a season/mini-season has *started* with one! It should be interesting. Although, I'll admit, it fell right into my plans. So, bwahhahahahahaha!

By all means, please keep it up in this Green Room as well!

Hope you are having a good weekend - oh, and because this is the internet, I am contractually obligated to say "May the Fourth Be With You"