April 7th, 2013

Idol: Exhibit A

Green Room - Week 11 - Day 3

Thank you for all the comments yesterday! I wanted to follow up on a couple of conversations, with some points that occurred to me, but decided to make it a new Green Room instead! :)

Before I do, it was nice to actually confirm the existence of sra33 last night! I got to meet Goofy, and there was also a Disney character present!

Also, there is a new topic due tomorrow: http://therealljidol.livejournal.com/639904.html so make sure to stay on top of that!


- There is of course the traditional "People are being more successful with fiction these days". I'm not sure what to say about that, other than when you see quality non-fiction, make a point of supporting it and spreading the word. That, and write more good non-fiction! It's the surest way of having more non-fiction around! :)

- The "Second Chance Idol curse" - A long time ago, there was the dreaded "birthday curse". For some reason, whenever there was a poll that occurred around the same time as someone's birthday, they were eliminated. I'm sure it was coincidence, but much like when it used to happen on Survivor, it was definitely "a thing". Now there's a "SCI curse", that no one has ever won who came into the competition from SCI. Oddly enough, there have been people who have gotten into the finals. So, while this is definitely more of an actual thing (There are a couple people who have been quite vocal about the idea of "If it comes down to someone who has been in the competition since Day 1, and one who hasn't, I'm going to favor the one who has been working at it longer".), I'm not sure that it's as widespread as some people would say it was. It's much closer to the "veteran curse", where a newbie always won the season - until a veteran won. Or the "male curse", where women always ended up dominating, until... well, OK, that curse is still valid! ;)

- Crowdfunding and pimping - I put them together, because I think they are closely related. You have something you believe in, and want people to invest in it. Maybe it's a vote, and maybe it's some money. It's the same principle. You have to make sure you have something *worth their attention* and if you go to the well too often, you are going to end up with backlash. It's all about putting out the best thing you possibly can, and knowing that the answer is, more often than not, going to be "no". I *do* think there is a generational component to it, the same way I see a lot of new bands crowdfunding their albums to get around the traditional record label structure, I see the future of publishing, and booksellers/distribution going in the same direction. Good thing? Bad thing? Probably a little of both.