April 4th, 2013

Idol: Exhibit A

Green Room - Week 10 - Day 7

So we don’t bury the lead – the *most* important news of this, or any, week is that there is a poll going on: http://therealljidol.livejournal.com/638700.html and it is *tight*. So get out there and read, comment, vote – and point some friends in this direction to do the same. (especially the reading part, your friends need to read some cool stuff! They obviously have lousy taste! ;D)


But somewhere behind that in terms of importance was an announcement that came out yesterday that made me smile.

Our friends at Fey Publishing are continuing to literally be our friends at Fey Publishing!

For those who don’t know the history, several years back theafaye approached me with an idea for an Idol book. It wasn’t the first time that the idea came up, but from everything she was saying I got the impression that she was someone who would actually carry it out, and make it something good.

Apparently, one of her dreams was to start her own publishing company, and this Idol book was going to be part of kick-starting that effort.

Of course that book became Idol Musings, and I was right, it turned out great.

I won’t say that Fey went on to “bigger and better” things, because what’s “better” than Idol? Nothing of course! ;) They went on to publish a bunch of really great books: http://astore.amazon.com/li0cd-20?_encoding=UTF8&node=2 (and of course the Idol books themselves: http://astore.amazon.com/li0cd-20?_encoding=UTF8&node=1 )

They say when you go out to follow your dreams, you should “never forget your roots”, and Fey Publishing didn’t. Many of the books they published were from people in the Idol family! Which is awesome.

Yesterday, it was announced that the company had been sold.

I knew that there was either going to be a sale, or closing the company, on the horizon, and had been more than a little nervous about the prospect. When the new buyer was revealed though, I knew that everything was going to be OK.

As of May 1st, our own pixiebelle, who came up from the Idol ranks as well, will be in charge!

I couldn’t be happier, or more proud of her for what a know is going to be an exciting time for the company!

Our friend theafaye has done great things with the company over the years, and I’m sure is going to be up to some pretty cool things in her newly retired from the publishing game life as well! I look forward to seeing more writing out of her!!

Thank you for everything you have done Sophie, and congratulations to Kristen.


If the rumor-mills are what they used to be, some of you may have heard that I have an announcement of my own coming soon – I’m not ready to make it yet. But it’s definitely getting closer. I’ll just say watch for what will be falling from the skies! It's going to be pretty darn cool.


Anyone else have any good news to share?
Idol: Exhibit A

Results - Week 10

It’s that time again. That painful time when we have to say goodbye to folks who have been making this journey with us.

When I hit “submit”, we will be at Top 11 of Exhibit A. But in order to get there, I also have to publish the names of those leaving. So perhaps we will just stay in this in-between place for a while longer, contemplating the ins and the outs of the universe, uncovering the mysteries, together.

Oh, but they also want their new topic though don’t they? Which means that things need to march forward to the conclusion.

I guess that means that I actually have to make this post after all.

Sorry about that. Blame them! I tried! :)

Those leaving us this week are:

Fortunately, we have reached the part of the game where people are able to select something from the Community Chest http://therealljidol.livejournal.com/633787.html . Please make a list of your Top 5 choices and send it to me at clauderainsrm@gmail.com (Remember, please select things you will actually make good use of, in order to make sure everyone gets something that they will enjoy!)

beldar this goes for you as well since I never did receive that list!

So that’s better, at least, than being the best looking Attorney General!
Idol: Exhibit A

Topic - Week 11

11 competitors left in the game. 11 topics - you know the drill, but wait these are not the same ones as before! I previously asked if there was anyone who had not seen their topic yet, to make sure that I didn't misplaced any, and of course, I had. So, here are some of those - along with a few more that I’ve had waiting in the wings!

Pick your topic from the following:

What goes around, comes around - halfshellvenus
Bamboozled -audreybuttercup
Jack In The Box - kathrynrose
twisted - lrig_rorrim
"And so it begins..." - eeyore_grrl
unspoken - zephyrly
the best is yet to come - impoetry
stairway to heaven - milk_and_glass
Decaffeinated - applespicy
"It takes a very steady hand" - theun4givables

and then link your entry back to this thread by Monday, April 8th at 9pm EDT

Oh, and have fun!