March 28th, 2013

Idol: Exhibit A

Green Room - Week 9 - Day 7

These people want to make sure you are going to vote in the LJ Idol poll:

history of racism

I'm pretty sure they want you to know other things are well, and all of them small-minded. But if they could go back in time and do it all over again, I'm sure this time their signs would say "Support Your Favorites:"

Because I can't imagine anyone is really all that proud to see their relatives in those pictures as is, whereas supporting something worthwhile, like telling people what entries you liked, is something much more acceptable.

I can't imagine people holding up signs like that these days. Can you imagine what sort of person you would have to be to stand in the way of such a basic civi... what? Check the news feeds. Um... nevermind.


I'll go back to reading my copy of Christopher Buehlman's Between Two Fires (or for the Kindle version) before going to bed. I'm still amazed that he is donating his time and talent to Idol for the Community Chest, He's a good guy and one heck of a writer, so if you get the chance to check out more of his work, I know you won't be disappointed. He's giving us some love, so I hope that he will get some in return


Speaking of showing some love, and the poll - what have been some of your favorites from this past week?
Idol: Exhibit A

Results - Week 9

Today is “Holy Thursday”, the day before the crucifiction of Christ, when Jesus set forth a new mandate to mankind, to love each other as he loves us.

As such, it is an important day for Christians around the world. Here at LJ Idol we assume that Jesus wants to eliminate all of you, and that we will do His work by having a poll that closes on this sacred day.

Or maybe it was a coincidence and I just read about “Holy Thursday” a couple minutes ago on my facebook feed. It’s one of those two things!

Whatever the motivation, the result is the same, that we have to say goodbye to some awesome people.

The closer we get to the end, the harder this becomes. Especially given the small size of this group from the beginning, every vote is a surprise and it always hurts to see people go.

This week we lost six:


Which is only 5 I realize, because the last person is the one who is eligible to be the first to select an item from the Community Chest!

That would be


I’m sorry to see to you go, but congratulations. I’ll email you with details about how this is going to work.

Thank you to all of you for coming out for this very special mini-season! I hope that we will keep seeing you around to Home Game, and to see how this all plays out!
Idol: Exhibit A

Topic - Week 10

I’m sure that you have figured out the drill. There is a list of topics. It’s the same one from last week, only I eliminated the top 5. I could have made it a bit more difficult for you by taking out 8, but I decided to be lenient. I’ll have to make up for that later! :)

Pick your topic from this list:

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It’s no joke, the deadline to link your entry back to this post is Monday, April 1st at 9pm EDT