March 21st, 2013

Idol: Exhibit A

Green Room - Week 8 - Day 9

Next week the Supreme Court is going to be taking up the issue of “gay marriage”, which I assume has something to do with marriage being really happy.

I mention this to give you a heads up that the persistent memes, forwards, rants, etc that cover the internet in a rainbow cloud are about to get even more intense. So, go ahead and write something up now just to keep ahead of the trend, so you can start posting a link to it in response to everything you see! It’s better if you post it to a place where you are paid per click, that way you can stand up for your principles and make a couple extra bucks in the process!


If you manage to get off your soapboxes for long enough, there is a still a poll going on:
Also, even more stuff has been added to the Community Chest: As of right now, the Top 13 will be eligible for something! (currently talking to a couple more people, so hopefully even more will be added in the next couple of days!)
Idol: Exhibit A

Results - Week 8

Before I get into the bad news, I’m going to give you some good news. LJ Idol Season 1 Winner tinhuviel is out of the hospital and officially home! I know her friends, and fans, will be delighted to hear that.

This week we were supposed to be eliminating 6 contestants. But since there was a 3-way tie for that final spot, and I am in such a good mood from hearing this news, I am going to spare them a run-off. So, the three of you get to stay. You owe Tin. :)

Unfortunately, though, we are still losing 5 contestants this week, and seeing these names together on a list did make my jaw drop a little.

We are saying goodbye to


Thank you to all of you for coming out for the mini-season! I hope you are able to stick around and Home Game it, and help us determine how the rest of this season ends up shaking out!
Idol: Exhibit A

Topic - Week 9

Last week you had a long list of topics and had to claim one of them.

This week there is a slight difference. I say “slight” because the list isn’t as long! ;)

It’s the same topics, minus the five of them that helped inspire the top five finishers last week! Oh, and I’m not on vacation. So you don’t have as much time to make your decisions on what your new topic will be, and to make something awesome!

Pick your topic from this list:

Collapse )

and then write your entry!

You have until Monday, March 25th at 8pm EDT to link your entry back to this thread.

Have fun!