February 28th, 2013

Idol: Exhibit A

Green Room - Week 6 - Day 3

If you are sitting around today, staring at your Kindle, and realizing “Hey, I don’t have anything actually on this thing to read!” – I have a deal for you!

If you are wondering “How did this Kindle even get here? I don’t own a Kindle!” – then I have a deal for you!

If you are looking at someone with a Kindle, and thinking how easy it would be to punch them in the face, grab the Kindle and run off – then I have a deal for you!

Kevin Saito’s new book, “From the Edge of Darkness” is available FOR FREE on Kindle, today and today only! http://astore.amazon.com/li0cd-20/detail/B00B12HP54

So, if you have been sitting around, waiting for the right time to get this book from our own java_fiend– the right time is NOW!


For the rest of the world though, it’s also deadline day! So if you are in the main competition, you had better have your entry in by tonight: http://therealljidol.livejournal.com/626936.html
Or http://therealljidol.livejournal.com/626686.html for the Second Chancers!
Idol: Exhibit A

Vote - Week 6 & SCI Topic 5

A few words from clauderainsrm:

When it’s a cast of hundreds, it takes longer to get to know people - but you also have the advantage of being able to relax into the competition. With a mini-season, there is more of a chance to interact, but when the cuts come, they are brutal.

There are advantages and disadvantages in everything.

The one good thing about the main competition, is that when you leave you are sticking around in the ranks of Second Chance Idol. Lately that has meant even being in the same post as you were before, just further down! But it also puts you dangerously close to being out “for real”. Which is somewhere that you don’t want to be!

Before we get to the poll, we did have one contestant who did not make the deadline, and will be adding to the SCI talent poll: occasionally

Which is a shame, but hopefully she will be back next week in SCI and fight her way into the competition once more!

As for the rest of you, that just means that there will be 9 contestants leaving us this week! Yeah, I said that. Again. People might start thinking there is a pattern to this thing!

The poll closes Monday, March 4th at 9pm EST! it’s high stakes time, so make sure to get out there and support your favorites: read, comment and vote! (and tell a friend or two to do the same!)

Good luck to everyone!

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A few words from clauderainsrm:

Awww, Second Chance! You are just so earnestly going about your business... of course I’m going to stop and buy something... oh wait, sorry, I’ve gotten SCI and the Girl Scouts confused again! SCI doesn’t have delicious boxes of cookies. Or maybe they do... *looks around* I think they are hiding them.

Which is just one more reason to vote them out!!

Unfortunately, three of them denied us that act, and missed the deadline, eliminating themselves! Leaving us are: momebie, ohelectricshock and sweeny_todd - which were not names that I expected to be writing down as leaving us anytime soon. Real life, it can happen to anyone!

With them out of the way, we will be losing 7 contestants from the ranks of SCI, and the most dangerous place to be, just gets a little more exciting!

The poll closes Monday, March 4th at 9pm EST! See the poll above for the rest of the spiel!

Good luck to everyone!

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