February 25th, 2013

Idol: Exhibit A

Results - Second Chance Topic 4 and Main Competition Week 5

Friend of Idol (and mine) Jeremy Cowles, and the rest of his co-workers, at Pixar won the Oscar for Best Animated Feature last night for their work on Brave!

Which is awesome. Really proud of him.

Tonight, I got to close a poll and make this official post, eliminating some folks and sending others to Second Chance. Which is almost the same thing, right?

I’m pretty sure that it is!

We had two polls, one for the main competition, and one for Second Chance. Since the latter has a bit more of an immediate impact, that is the first one that I will be announcing.

Unfortunately, we will have to say goodbye to four contestants this week.

Leaving us are:
diagenou, vaudy, waveform_delta and yuniebaby

I’ll admit, I’m pretty shocked to have the bottom half of the poll going at once, especially with the level of talent involved. Hopefully they stick around and play the Home Game!

Which brings us to those moving to their new home in Second Chance Idol, where they will be hanging by their fingertips for a fast approaching shot at getting back into the game!

There were 10 people being eliminated from the main competition this round, reducing our ranks by a lot! Regardless of where the poll ended up falling, it was going to a brutal result.

On their way to Second Chance are:


I look forward to seeing you fight your way back in!
Idol: Exhibit A

Topic - Week 6

They say that Idol is like a roller coaster with iffy brakes, and by “they” I mean that’s what is posted in the description!

But just for this week, we are more like one of those


The deadline to link your entries back to this thread is Thursday, Feb 28th at 9pm EST